Friday, December 14, 2012

Keeping a mindful practice

Today was the first day in a long time that I was present in my yoga practice. It's ironic, because I'm doing more yoga now since the wrist injury, but I've never felt more disconnected from my practice. Stranger still is how oblivious I was to how disconnected I have been, until I read Erica Rodefer (the Spoiled Yogi)'s blog on what's really yoga (click to see her post on the Yoga Police). The summary of that post is that we shouldn't judge the "yoga" that someone practices, as long as it holds the meaning of yoga to them.

The word "yoga" means to unite. It's the unity of the mental, physical and the spiritual realm. By delving into asanas without being present in the moment, I'm not uniting anything. Yet, all this while, I have been too distracted to even notice.

For some time this year, I think I lost my way with yoga a little. A little too much fixation on the asanas for sure, none of the other limbs of Yoga.

When I read Neil Pollack's post on public displays of yoga, it dawned upon me that I was indulging in a period of narcissism. These past few months, especially with my time and involvement on the Tribesports website, have been driven by vanity. Yoga isn't about that at all.

Today was the first day in many where I felt I could connect with myself again, like I could lay in savasana for eternity. I'm making this promise to myself to never take my practice for granted.


  1. Beautiful post, I am glad you felt connected today! Personally I have days I am really connected and present to my yoga, almost meditative-like state, and other days that my mind wanders all over. The differnce it makes is huge: on the days I feel I am concentrated to my practice asanas feel "easier" to perform and I get deeper into them, while when I am relaxing in savasana I actually feel that I am disolving and becoming one with the ground. The other days used to be a struggle since I lose my breathing rythm, I grow tired, I can't focus. I just told myself I have to accept that this is the way it will be in yoga as in life: some days will be good and some bad.

    1. Thanks Olympia for your lovely feedback. I know such days are normal, but the last few months, it would seem that all my practice has been like that. Fingers crossed that it's only going to get better now that I'm aware :)