About Me

I think it is safe to say that we don't all have a huge declarative solo to "discover" who we are, such as  the one Jean Valjean has in Les Miserables, although I wish I too had the ability to do such definitive soul-searching in under 3 minutes.

So, who am I indeed?

Yogini, musician, data nerd, weirdo... I would check all these boxes in a heartbeat. I guess everyone should technically be checking the last box anyway, seeing as how different we all are. As cliche as it does sound, we are all truly unique little snowflakes (no sarcasm intended), because no one is identical in both physique and personality, not even identical twins.

You may also have found that I am highly evasive of defining who I am, because in all honesty, nothing in the top three paragraphs above tell you much about me. I am slightly allergic to talking about myself in such direct and open terms, in much the same way as you would post a profile on an online dating site. Ironic, because my blog posts do nothing but talk about myself.

So, I guess you will just have to read the posts to know for sure. Prowl through the archives... do it chronologically if you wish, or Benjamin Button style. Maybe churn them through a randomizer if it gives you clarity. And then drop me a comment when you are done, telling me who I am, because I'd sure like to know.


  1. Really admire that you have taken control, Hui and that you're ready to move mountains. Is your wrist completely healed now or is it something that you'll have to live with?
    Your courage is totally commendable and I love that you aren't blaming everything around you.
    Well done.
    Sending caring thoughts.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Trish. It's a permanent syndrome, but it is a lot better now as long as I don't overuse it. Thanks for stopping by. xxx