Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Challenge: One Song Workouts

One of the lovely ladies on the Beautyheaven forums posted up these workouts and I think they are too good to pass up! 

I will try them all and we will see if I can do them to a song! (I am going to choose a longer song hahaha Crystal Method here I come!)

Workout 1: Contrary to my own advice of choosing the Crystal Method, I decided to use Anberlin's Feel Good Drag  (from Never Take Friendship Personal... they also have a 2003 song by the same name. What's up with that Anberlin?!) The song goes for 3:24, I fitted everything in except the last 30 Jumping Jacks, which I did anyway but to the next song on my playlist. To do these workouts comfortably, I think you'll need songs of about 4mins long. Definitely don't try to do it to Blur's Your Song 2 


  1. Ohhh I want to try this too! Do you feel uncomfortable doing supermans? I do around my pelvic area against the ground. Perhaps I need a thicker mat?

    1. It's really fun, I'll do the others and post updates in the next few days. I don't have any problems in superman. You could try a thicker mat or maybe just place a folded blanket under your pelvic area? You might just have a "bony" pelvic area that's coming in contact with the ground. (couldn't think of another word besides bony... sorry!)

    2. Haha all good. Ye I will try to fold my towel and place it under. I might give this a go while on holiday next week as no gym equipment is required :)

    3. Ooo holiday!! What a great idea :) Have a good break Jasmine.

  2. This is great, thank you for sharing :D