Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Focus on: Backbends

Reaching for that third cup of coffee? Maybe try something else to boost your energy levels. Backbends are a great way to energize (they squeeze your adrenal glands). They strengthen your back in the process, and some believe it opens the heart chakra. I've read accounts of people bursting into tears in the middle of wheel pose, although I have yet to experience this myself. 

Here are some of my favourite backbends (click on the names for how-tos). Please don't try this if you have a bad back and never force yourself into any position. I apologize for how sweaty and red-faced I look, it's an eff-ing hot day (I know, not very yogic of me) at 38 degrees Celcius, and I had just finished my flow yoga sequence of the day. 

Camel pose




Upward dog

Enjoy backbending and stay cool, Melbourne. 


  1. Great post! I remember having to do some of these in primary school in P.E! I'm really not flexible and Im too lazy to practice but I have always wanted to do stuff like this! I think its really cool that it squeezes the adrenal glands!

    1. You did this in primary school?! That's so awesome! In primary school all we did was many squats... and running around the school field (probably 200m one full circle... it wasn't even big :P). I definitely feel more exhilarated after doing backbends. You should try some modified ones so they are not too hard :)

    2. Yeah! This company called "Blue earth" could come once a week and we did stuff like..."downward dog" "plank" some doll one or something haha!
      I might try some, I could do with some exhilaration :D

    3. Wow so it was actual yoga with names and stuff :O I am amazed... is this at a private or govt school?