Monday, November 12, 2012

Challenge: Tribesports Abs and Legs Mini Circuit

Too busy to exercise? Here's a mini-circuit that requires no equipment that you can do in your own home. It takes only 15 minutes! And you can even do them in your PJs! I should know... I've done all the above... including the PJs bit. 

Check out the circuit on Tribesports

1. Sit-ups 
I don't have enough core strength (yet) to do this unassisted, so I anchor my feet beneath my lounge sofa. If you cross your arms in front of your chest, you'll use more core strength and protect your neck. Pilates tip: Slow down as you lower, this will engage your core a little more. 

2. Mountain Climbers 
Hold yourself in raised plank, and then kick your knees into your chest. In my circuit, I did this quick, but you can opt to do it slowly and use more core strength. 

3. Leg Raises 
To engage your core, side waist and legs more, flex your feet. Put your outer hand on either your abs or your side waist to ensure that they are engaged. Keep the movement controlled (not too fast). It's easy to let your legs flail wildly around, which makes this incredibly easy but does nothing for you :P 

4. Plank 
Self-explanatory. Want more of a challenge? Raise one leg. 

Have 20 minutes or more? Try adding these into your circuit. 
- 15 pushups per circuit 
- 1 min side plank 
- 1 min bridge 
- 25 squats 

My current record time is 15 mins including 15 pushups per circuit. Give it a go! 

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