Sunday, November 4, 2012

Body Fat vs BMI

I only just discovered this thing called a Body Fat Calculator.

I'm not really quite sure how it works, but I measured myself and did the calculation, (you can click on images for a bigger, clearer image)
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and it says I have 24.94% body fat, which just gets me into the fit category.

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Only just. Apparently, the body fat calculator works on some formula used by the US Navy. I've always just been using the BMI calculator, and have always been within the normal BMI zone. Using the above stats, plus my height of 160cm, my BMI is 19.9. The healthy zone is 18.5-24.9 using the regular BMI stats, and and 18.5-23.9 for Asians.

In both BMI calculations, my weight falls into the healthy category, but I am carrying more body fat than what I originally thought. I'm sure it is possible for some people to be in a normal BMI range, and yet be obese in the body fat calculator, or just in the essential fat zone.

My current goal is to keep it within the 21-24%, perhaps... I'm barely scraping the margins of that category. I've never been too hung up on weight before, because I've always been fairly light but body fat... now that's another issue! Ultimately though, my belief is that no matter what your body percentage or your weight is, as long as you are fit, and you are exercising regularly, numbers don't matter in the end.

If you do work out your body fat, do share your reactions to your result. Was it what you expected?


  1. Oh the tape test! I have done that before but I don't think it works as I have the skinniest wrists! I was tempted to buy some calipers for a body fat skin fold test to track my progress...but even that isn't THAT accurate.

    1. Yeah I did wonder about the accuracy. I'd never heard of calipers till today but I reckon that seems even less accurate considering it only just seems to go on belly fat?

    2. haha yes the only actual "accurate" way to measure your body fat % is an autopsy o.0

    3. LOL! Let's hope it never comes to that :P