Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Learn How to Meditate

You can access the course here 

This is a free course on Udemy. For a free course, it's really quite good.

The course consists of six 2 minute recordings showing you the basics of meditation

  • proper posture 
  • deep breathing 
  • alternate nostril breathing nadi shodhan 
  • use of mantra (in a similar vein to what transcendental meditation teaches) 
  • candle gazing 
  • empathy meditation 

All the meditation techniques above are accessible, and easy to follow. You can choose to do just one of the above, or combine methods such as use deep breathing and alternate nostril breathing to prepare you for a mantra meditation. 

As it's a free course, it's also a great way to see what Udemy is like. I have purchased a few courses on Udemy, so far I have yet to be disappointed. 


  1. I really love meditation. When the stress came to me, then I would do it. Meditation makes us more relaxed.
    It may seem trivial, but this is difficult to do. Some people may need guidance to do so. So, it's a good advice.

    Have a healthy day, Hui.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Laurent. I've always found it difficult to meditate, all these courses have really helped me.