Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Challenge: The Happiness Challenge! and the British Military Fitness challenge

What an apt challenge to take on in the New Year! It's not like I've been particularly mopey or depressed, but everyone could do with a little more happiness in their lives. Plus, a quick look at the Gaiam TV's connect2happiness challenge requirements for Day 1, and it seems that this touches on a lot of self-exploration such as "What makes you happy" type questions and on how you can bring these things into your life.

Screenshot from the email I received... I'd love to be Happy every day!

I will be keeping a diary with every day's challenge questions answered and explored, and will post up my final results after 30 days. Will you be taking the challenge with me?

A happy body is a happy mind. What better way to keep your body fit and happy than this challenge by Tribesports? It's apparently created by serving or ex British armed forces personnel :O so if you fancy yourself saving some Private Ryans, then check this challenge out. (Ok, Private Ryan wasn't British... I just couldn't think of any British military TV shows... besides the last season of the Black Adder)

Click for a larger image, or visit Tribesports

You will need the space to do it though, those 10m lunges won't be easy to do in your lounge, or that 20m sprint for that matter. It's a mini-boot camp, without the price of a boot camp :)

Well, I'm taking up both of those challenges. Let me know if you'll be doing it with me.


  1. how do you subscribe to this so you can do it?

  2. Hi! You can take up the happiness challenge by going to and clicking on Start Today.

    If you click on and sign up to Tribesports, you can do the Tribesports challenge too :)

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