Thursday, April 18, 2013

I love autumn runs

There is nothing more centreing than a nice, quiet run, and no better time to do it than in autumn.

Why? Three good reasons:

There are less people. 
My running/walking track is very popular because it's along the beach. All the locals walk/jog there (thankfully there's a separate cycling path, or else there would be that too). And Port Melbourne Melbourne people aren't the most courteous of walkers... they hog up the lanes and often don't give way so you have to run around them. #firstworldproblems. Autumn time fixes all of that because no one wants to walk right next to the chilly icy sea breezes of autumn! Huzzah!

See... completely barren
The temperature is perfect 
Ok, it might be a little chilly to begin with, but you won't feel it after 10 minutes. It definitely beats running on a 38 degree day. Plus, Melbourne autumns are mild anyway, look at that clear blue sky!

The crisp autumn air
I can't run in humidity. Breathing in humid air while running makes me breathless. There are also less allergens in the air. I'm not one for hay fever, but running in summer makes my lungs burn.

I'm not even a fan of the cold. The BF says my tolerance range for temperatures is between 23-25 degrees, and he's probably not wrong. I wouldn't do outdoor yoga in autumn and freeze my little toesies off in savasana. But, running in autumn? Sold!

What's your favourite season to run/exercise in?


  1. Gosh, how gorgeous is this photo? It actually makes me want to put on sneakers and go for a run (okay, let's be honest, walk) by the beach. I used to do that in the warmer months, should pick that up again!

    I think it's because we're Malaysian, we like heat. :)

    1. Totally go for a walk by the beach. Beaches normally have beautiful walking tracks, worth it!

  2. I agree autumn is the best for running! I am extremely intolerant to humidity :) xx