Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Vego Teething Problems

I know.

I said I'd do an update about my new flexi-vegetarian (it's a real word!! I found it on this awesome vegie site) diet a month after starting and it's only been 11 days. But, I thought I'd highlight some of the highs and lows of this experience (Yes, 11 days in and already I can feel a difference).

Some positive changes I've noticed
  • I have lost or at the very least, maintained weight despite the odds... more on why I was really surprised at the end of this post. 
  • My skin has improved! I don't get as many breakouts, it's kind of dewy... I'm quite pleased! 
  • I know I'm getting enough fibre, and a lot more vitamins and minerals 
Now, onto the teething problems! Any future vegetarians out there, this is what you can probably expect! 

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Sorry, someone had to put this out there to warn unprepared veggies who think it's all taking the high road and being a green hippy. Yes... a green smelly hippy. It's slightly embarrassing, and I really hope my body adapts soon.

Anyway, apparently having a sudden increase in fibre intake can cause this, especially when coupled with sugar. Which brings me to problem number two.

PROBLEM #2 I can't stop craving sugar 

Sweets, sweets, more sweets. Biccies, chocies, cakes! I crave them all day, at any time of the day. I have cake before lunch, cake after dinner, cake for tea. And biccies all day in between. I just can't help myself. Frankly, I'm amazed I'm not 100kg by now. Tonight, I'm going to bake myself a carrot cake. Just because I've been craving it all week.
Oh Brunettis, you are my Candy Mountain

Apparently, it's because I lack protein in this new vegetarian diet. But how can I, when I've been eating the beans/lentils/chickpeas/etc that have been giving me !@$#)!& Problem #1 in the first place?!

So, all you vegetarian n00bs, if you've been experiencing any of these, you are not alone. I just really hope I don't get stuck in a lift one day with a whole bunch of starting vegetarians. :P

Any tips on surviving this diet change?


  1. Haha loved this blog, I went through the same thing, with terrible sharp abdominal pains as well, it was torture - extremely embarrassing torture!

  2. Well, now I feel like I'm the lucky one because of the lack of abdominal pains! It's truly embarrassing though, especially if there are only two people in the room.