Monday, June 4, 2012

The Herbi-Omnivore

I had a really bad tummy episode last week. Non-stop heartburn for over 24 hours, excruciating stomach pains... So, I decided to give up meat. Only during the week, I'll still have meat on the weekends or the poor bf won't cope I think, haha. I figured it'll be healthier, ethically more correct, and hopefully might help me lose some kilos. And not to mention, improve my skin!

It was a tough decision. I've eaten meat my whole life, and I love meat. All meats, to be honest. Luckily enough, I also love my vegies. I hope to at least be able to start working through this diet for a month. Little goals promise better success :)

Today, I made this very yummy Asian Ratatouille. I wasn't sure if I'd be full on it, but it's surprisingly quite filling, and oh sooooo tasty.

I'll make a post in a month's time to discuss how this new diet is going. I'm feeling positive, that's always a good start!

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