Monday, June 11, 2012

Microwave-free living

I'm not one of those people who grew up in a household which didn't know the conveniences of the microwave. Au contraire, mum used to heat things up in the microwave all the time. When I moved to Australia, the microwave was what kept me fed through my uni years (as I'm sure it's keeping many a uni student alive today).

However, when I moved into my current apartment 4 years ago, I had to shop for all my electricals. One of the last few items to purchase on my list was a microwave. When mum came over to visit, she told me that she hadn't been using a microwave for years, because she believed it's harmful to the human body (it's very possible, you are cooking in plastic), and it destroys nutrients in your food anyway. If you're interested in having a read, just do a general google search of the dangers of the microwave, or click here.

4 years on, I still haven't purchased a microwave. I'm rather surprised I've lasted this long, but I'm quite fine existing without a microwave. In fact, here are some of the positives!

You become a much better cook 
Having to make everything from scratch taught me how to use food savers (you know... those little containers for you to keep leftovers), and made me more domesticated than I would ever be.

You take more interest in the ingredients of your food 
If you're a convenience meal addict as I was, have you ever wondered what goes into the can/carton? Well, I never did. Now, I know exactly what goes into my food, when it was made, how... I don't put any preservatives, and I don't use much salt nor sugar. Definitely the healthier option.

You plan meals ahead 
And thereby become a picture of organization. You'll also probably save some moolah, especially if you make food in large quantities and then freeze.

You preserve the nutrients and taste of food, keep clear of harmful waves, carcinogens etc etc 
You know, everything else listed on all those warning sites as being bad for you.

Admittedly, not everything is peachy though. Some things are more time-consuming to do... eg. melting butter/chocolate, preparing wax for waxing... plus heating up food without a microwave creates much more crockery/dishes to wash compared to if you just put a plate in the microwave. However, tiny tiny little issues, not much of a big deal.

Would you ever go without a microwave? Try challenging yourself to a month free from the microwave, it's really not that hard!

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