Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Totally Natural Sleep More

I'm half way through my pack of Totally Natural's Sleep More tablets, so I think I'm ready to write up what I think of it. I've been taking it religiously every night. I bought the 30-tablets box, on the advice of the nutrition supplement shop owner, thinking that it would last me a month. It says on the instructions though that you're meant to take two before bed, so it turned out to only be a half-month supply, and I've taken it for slightly over a week.

The first time I took those pills, the effects hit me like a train. I felt groggy and my muscles felt so dead and I slept pretty well. Subsequent times though, it didn't work as effectively... instead, it seemed to be doing the opposite! It claims to make you sleep longer, and more sound. I ended up waking up earlier than normal (sometimes up to an hour earlier). I'm not sure if this is because I'm sleeping so soundly that my body needs less sleep. I'm not any more tired during the day than I normally am, so it really could be that my sleep is of better quality.

It's no longer as easy to drop into a slumber as it was the first time I took the pills. It isn't a huge struggle either, so perhaps that's where the difference is. One of the biggest benefits for me is that I really believe it helps with my teeth bruxism, it is after all a muscle relaxant.

I probably won't be going back on these. There are these other pills called Kalms that you take throughout the day that work as relaxants, so I might try those. The Sleep More pills are just really expensive, and they don't do much for me during the day.

Pros a strong relaxant, may produce better quality sleep
Cons expensive, decreases sleep time

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