Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Meditation Quickie

I've been trying to meditate.

I have to say it's definitely a lot harder than it looks. I can barely do it for 10 minutes. Most times I find that my mind wanders off and I start thinking about things in the future, or in the past. And then I worry that I'm not concentrating. The little voice inside my head just refuses to be silenced. Even when I redirect my focus to the music or my breath, my mind wanders after 30 seconds.

And that's a huge part of me though. That's almost exactly how I am with everything in life. Even while killing Diablo in Diablo III. My mind just could not focus for the 5 minute boss battle. I like everything fast, and I do everything fast. Meditation hopefully will slow me down, and help me to simply just be.

Much easier said than done though. I've purchased the Rushing Woman's Syndrome by Dr Libby Weaver. Haven't gotten to reading it yet, there are too many books on my to-read shelf, but seeing as how personal development is currently on the agenda, I may look to reading it after I'm done with Diablo III.

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