Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Liebster Award

I was tagged to do this a while ago but I've been given this award again by the lovely Hailey from The Beauty in Life.

Head over to Hailey's to check out her lovely beauty blog. Here are the questions that she's posted: 

Tell me your biggest beauty blunder?
Easy! My biggest beauty blunder was this time when I had bought one of those electric razor wands and thought... wouldn't it be a great tool to groom my eyebrows with. Shaved off half my eyebrow in less than 2 seconds, and had to fill it out for about a month while it was growing out. Certainly learnt my lesson though!

Eyebrow bane

What annoys you most about the Australian beauty industry?
What annoys me about the international beauty industry is false advertising. Airbrushed models, using false lashes in mascara ads... and so on. Kudos to Dove though and their wonderful body awareness campaigns. 

Did you ever destroy any of your mums makeup as a child? If so, what was it?
No, I wasn't ever interested in makeup as a child! I was quite a tomboy, and wouldn't be caught dead with makeup. 

What is the one beauty product you struggle to apply?
False lashes. I lack the fine motor skills to put them on I think! 

What is the weirdest beauty product you have ever seen?
Hands down it's snail cream. I have a snail phobia... and the thought of rubbing snails all over me grosses me out. I know they're good for the environment, but they can stay in the garden where they belong :P

Snail cream. Because snails never age.

What is the best beauty advice you have ever received?
Less is more. 

You have an unlimited amount of money to buy just one beauty product, what would you choose?
I would never really splurge on any consumable, and this includes beauty product, even if I did have an unlimited amount of money :P But, even though it's not a product, I will splurge on a yoga retreat getaway for perhaps a month, maybe to Gwinganna. De-stressing helps with beauty no? 

What is your least favourite part of your beauty routine?
Having to put on moisturisers. I'm very impatient, and love getting things done in under 1 minute. Some people call this efficiency. Others call it haste. I just call it being me. 

You are being shipped off to Mars but can only take 2 makeup or skincare products. What will they be?
Body wash, and moisturiser (I know I just said that I hate moisturising... but hearsay tells me Mars is quite dry!) 

What is your favourite thing in the whole world? (doesn't have to be beauty related)
I'm guessing favourite thing has to be an object, so I'm going to go with my computer. How terrible! 

I know I'm supposed to nominate a whole bunch of people with less than 200 followers but I have done this before in the previous tag so I'm passing up this time. And therefore, like a damp squib, I won't be posting my 10 questions.

A damp squib or a damp squid? Hmmm 

Thank you Hailey for this lovely nomination. It was a lot of fun answering your questions! 


  1. Snail cream!!!! Love it hahaha! Thanks so much for taking part!

  2. This is gorgeous, Hui. Love the way you've used humour!! My mantra has always been "less is more" thanks so much to my darling Mum.
    Great work.

    1. Thanks Trish for your lovely comment! Less is more was also from my Mum :) Mums always have the wisest words. x