Friday, July 5, 2013

Internet Detox: The Conclusion

Warning: Long rambly post below. 

A while ago, I commenced an Internet Detox. And not long after that, after a short stint at success, I realized to my dismay that my attempts had not only backfired, but I had completely lost my fitness routines and my yoga practice.


Two lovely readers and fellow yoginis suggested that maybe I was approaching it the wrong way. My problem has always been that I see the world very much in black and white. I believed for a time that to be a complete yogi, I needed to denounce or at least, limit social media. The wonderful and wise Anne of Yogaspeak's words of wisdom, that there are "no absolutes" gave me a new perspective on my life.

Mind you, those are probably not new words. Sometimes though, you lose your way and you need someone to drop these guiding words to steer you back to your path.

I began to reflect a lot on this in my yoga practice and beyond, and the more I delved deep into myself and why I was spending so much time on the internet, the more I realized it was because most of my interests are technology-bound. I enjoy reading blogs and blogging, following my favourite yogis from across the globe, and there is of course the gaming. I do spend time on social media, not because I have severed connections with real-life friends in place of online ones but so I can bridge connections with people I really have no other way of connecting with in real life.

Yes, I did spend a lot of time on the internet, and still do. But I maintain a healthy social life, I eat well (for the most part), and I have an active lifestyle.

That was when I realized that my problem wasn't with my so-called internet addiction. My problem was with the preconceived notion of what a healthy and a yogic lifestyle should be. I began working on acceptance, and slowly worked back some yoga into my life. Running trailed behind and I'm pleased to say that I'm back on track with where I was fitness-wise. Phew!

Going on the internet detox didn't quite yield the results I wanted. I have no idea what I truly wanted, but I have an inkling that it was to be as enlightened as the Dalai Lama.

We both wear glasses and I sort of like orange... 

But I'm pleased with what I did come away with. I now know more about myself than I did before, and I am more in tune with my needs. I am learning to be less judgmental about myself, a lesson slow to learn but one that everyone should master.

So there you have it, my long ramble has come to its conclusion. If you  do want to go on an internet detox, I would suggest that you try it out to see how it feels to be away from such a vital piece of technology. You may even reach a different conclusion and find that your life is way better without it. Every man (and woman) travels a different road after all!

Have you done an internet detox? Will you go on one? 


  1. Hi Hui,

    I am honored that you quoted me, but I highjacked those words from a yoga instructor. They really stuck with me and help me take it easy on myself. I am glad they did the same for you!

    My best,


    1. I don't think anyone these days say anything very original anyway, so I still credit you as being the one to say it to me! Thanks Anne, the words were very helpful. Hope your running is going well.

    2. Hui! A confession: As soon as I got the all-clear to practice again, I stopped running. I even bought new running shoes, but now I just wear them to yoga. They remain shiny and new!

    3. At least you have new shoes to wear to yoga! :) Glad to hear you are practising again.