Monday, May 20, 2013

Couch to 5K: Week 2 to 5 Progress Update

And before you know it I've already finished Week 5 of the Couch to 5K program. Time sure flies!

Initially, I was going to do a week by week progress update, but considering my blog update rates, that sounds like a recipe for disaster! So, here is a concise summary of what's happened in the last 4 weeks since Week 1

All the runs every week begin and end with a 5 min walk. 

Week 2 
The program is 6 reps of 90 sec running, followed by 2 min brisk walking
I found this to be quite challenging. I really wanted to improve on my time, so I used the intervals as sprinting challenges. 

Week 3 
The first of the paid version of the app, the runs this week are 170m running, then 170m walking, 365m running, then 365m walking. Repeat. 
An easy week, it was nice having a break from Week 2. At this stage, my best pace is on average 4:45min/km. 

Week 4
400m running, then 200m walking. 800m running, then 400m walking. Repeat. 
Best pace in 800m is 5:28min/km. 

Week 5 
First day: 800m run, 400m walk - repeat 3 times. 
Second day: 1.2km run, 800m walk - repeat. 
Third day: 3.2km run 
This is the first week that every day had a different training routine, so I was caught unawares on the 2nd day. The 3.2km run was a lot easier than I expected - finished it with a pace of 6:05min/km because I took the first half at a very cautious pace. 

For my general review of the RunDouble app, read my Week 1 progress update


  1. As someone who only runs downhill, I must say this blog entry is IMPRESSIVE!!!

    1. Aww thanks Anne!! My ultimate goal is to run 10km and staying injury free while doing it :) Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. I tried doing this and it was very hard! My ankles are too messed up to be a runner I think :( but congrats on your progress.

    1. Thanks Mishelle!
      I used to get messed up ankles a lot too, and then I found out my footwear was to blame. Perhaps you could try that?