Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Tribesports Challenge of the Week

This was trending on Facebook and caught my eye.

The challenge is to do this everyday for one week. I completed this this morning, substituting pushups for modified pushups. 6 more days to go. Anyone else in?


DAY 1 
Completed this easily enough, but confused raised plank with regular plank, so did raised planks for all the planks until I got to ... raised plank. And had some raised eyebrows... Realized after googling that I had been doing the wrong kind of plank.

DAY 2 
Woke up with my lower back muscles aching. Really aching. I couldn't work out what it was from, the bf suggested maybe I had been doing my crunches wrong. Wasn't sure if I would repeat this challenge today or just do some yoga to stretch out the muscles. Decided to give it a go anyway, and realized that my crunches were fine because my abs burned when I was doing them... and that my lower back muscles were aching from the 2 min bridge. Crunches were so much easier today than yesterday though, but push ups were a little tougher. 2 min bridge was hard work with the sore muscles, but did it anyway. Can't believe I'm saying this... but looking forward to tomorrow's workout.

DAY 3 
It was hard today... I found it tough to hold it in plank or raised plank, tough to hold it in bridge... my glutes burned... my abs burned in the first 50 crunches, then it got better. Pushups were easier today though. I'm starting to hate the idea of no rest day. However, I'm starting to see results... my abs are so much more toned! They are definitely more defined... in fact... impressively much more defined... I was slightly demotivated after the routine but after seeing results, I am so stoked!!

I missed out on working out on Sat and Sun, but that's normal for me as my weekends are normally chockablock. Resumed the workout Monday, despite feeling really lazy. Crunches are definitely getting easier, but plank is somehow getting harder. Attempted full pushups today, but decided they were still too strong, I could probably do 5 full ones without straining. Random sidenote: this workout really aids my digestion.

DAY 5 
First of all, I can't believe I stuck it through this far. Only two more days left to go. Plank today was super hard, no idea why. Bridge is getting quite easy although my calves feel a little numb in the 2 min bridge. Core is looking quite toned, so am happy... deciding if I should take an "after" photo shot or not... didn't take a before, but let's just say that it was a bit of a potbelly. Only two more days!!! Then, I can commence my Yoga Journal challenge. (Why am I so full of these....)

Surprised I was motivated enough to do this today... started gaming again, so nearly didn't have "enough" time to exercise. Glad I did though.

DAY 7 
It was a tough battle... between Torchlight and exercise... unfortunately, Torchlight won, and I found myself timepressed to do this. I did squeeze it in while waiting for my risotto to cook, but only managed half the set. Anyway, my shoulders are now sore from doing this all week (I think it's the crunches and the pushups), so I'm happy to give this a break. Awesome abs though.


  1. Hey Hui, Love that you have featured the Tribesports Challenge! Drop me an email on blog@tribesports and I would be very happy to add you to our blog roll, and invite you to become one of our official blog partners!

  2. blog@tribesports.com to be precise. Thanks!