Thursday, September 13, 2012

Patience and Compassion

In a world where we rush to complete and achieve everything, I found clarity in this well-written and thought provoking article in the Yoga Journal

As a "Rushing Woman", I'm always in a hurry. Having always been blessed with the ability to learn things quickly, it grates on me if I find it harder than normal to pick up a particular skill (painting my nails for example...). I'm always too impatient, and I lack compassion for myself.

I am a product of this world, where I want results instantaneously, or I become bored or demotivated.

Definitely something for me to bear in mind in the future.


  1. I know what you mean, it can be easy to just give up on something that takes too long to pay off. It's a beautiful quote.

    I find painting my nails quite relaxing and therapeutic lol!

    BTW, hun, have you thought about disabling captcha code? It makes it a little hard to post comments sometimes! Blogspot is usually quite good about screening spam out!

  2. I didn't even realize I had captcha enabled! Must have been the default,I think (hope) it's disabled now... I hate them too!

    I know, I find anything that requires patience really stressful... like baking and painting my nails, but I do them anyway because I enjoy the end product lol.