Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trend Spotlight: Yoga Hula

A few days ago, while reading my daily dose of yoga blogs, I came across this.

Yeah. Yoga + hula hoop = yoga hula (or hoop yoga).

I was really excited. I've always loved the hula hoop and used to hula lots as a child and teenager. And as an adult, I'm growing ever so fond of my yoga practice.

A quick Google search didn't yield much results, not in Melbourne anyway. There is a Sydney yoga studio that's offering yoga hula, but disappointingly enough, that's about as much as Australia has to offer.

I did however, find this video on Youtube, which is perhaps the only proper yoga hula video I could find. AMAZEBALLS! I wish I could be half as graceful as her, my expression when I watched this (*_*)

Any yoga entrepreneurs wanting to bring this in Australia? Pretty please?


  1. That is so cool!! I'd love to see you give it a go :) it might end up being easier than it looks!

  2. I used to hula when I was younger too! I went to the circus last year (As you do) and there was this gorgeous lady there who was absolutely defying gravity with her hula skillz, so I couldn't help but buy one to take home...unfortunately it has been gathering dust in a corner of my flat since I bought it! You've inspired me to get practicing again. ;)